Be A Future-Ready Graduate In Law Or Business

Have you just finished SPM or sat for A-Levels and thinking about studying law or business? The time has finally arrived for you tell everyone why you picked…


Different people have a variety of answers to the question “Why study law?” or even “Why become a lawyer?”. The truth is, it all depends on your source of motivation and personality. It goes without saying that the law affects every aspect of our lives from buying a car, renting a house and even finding employment.

There is no single right answer, only a compelling one.

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We live in a commercial world and studying business-related subjects such as finance, accounting, management and economics (FAME) opens up a world of endless possibilities.

So, why study business?

Here are 5 convincing reasons.

  • Discover the “entrepreneur” in you. Today, more people look forward to starting a business of their own rather than slog at a 9-5 job. Studying business-related subjects such as finance and accounting, and going to business school will develop your entrepreneurial skills, and turn your dreams into reality. If you are lucky, you might even meet your future business partner(s) in class!
  • Acquire transferable skills. Regardless of the business-related subject you choose to pursue, business courses focuses on critical, innovative and problem solving skills, time management and crucial communication skills. You will also acquire knowledge in interpreting financial data, presentation and even report writing. Such skillset is highly regarded by employers in any field and increases career opportunities.
  • Enjoy stable earnings. Business degrees, specialising in finance or accounting in particular, receive a relatively high income as fresh graduates (source: Salary Report 2019).
  • Combine your passions. If you are interested in learning more about the co-relation between law and business, then consider pursuing a degree in Business & Management with Law or a degree in Accounting & Finance with Law. This way, you acquire both business skills and specific legal knowledge affecting the business world, gaining a competitive edge over other business graduates.
  • Gain a global perspective. Studying business and specialised business courses such as economics, accounting or finance enables you to have a global outlook of the business world. Whether you choose to study abroad or otherwise, business-related courses will expose you to issues affecting the transparentpharmacybusiness world at large, and help you become more culturally diverse.

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