28th March 2021

Dear students,

We wish you all the best for the CLP exams tomorrow. Please ensure you bring the following:

1. IC (Driving license/student ID will NOT be accepted to enter the exam hall)
2. Examination Slip
3. Travel Letter and
4. Seating Plan

Please check your personal email inbox for an email from the LPQB for items 2,3 and 4. This MUST be printed and brought along with you to the exam centre.

Please be at the exam centre by 8.30 am to adhere to the SOP.


  1. Read all the questions and plan your answers carefully.
  2. Choose your questions well.
  3. Understand the question and answer them based on what the question requires.
  4. Cite and apply the relevant statutory provisions and cases to the facts.
  5. Apply the legal concepts and authorities to the particular facts in the exam question.
  6. Do not worry if you cannot remember the cases. Most people cannot remember everything. Partial names are OK.
  7. Write legibly in paragraphs clearly and concisely.
  8. You can insert headings and subheadings for easy identification of issues.
  9. You only have 3 hours to answer all the questions, so time management is VERY IMPORTANT!
  10. Just do your best. Once you have finished a paper, stop thinking about it. Move on to the next.

Our prayers are with you. Good luck from all of us at BAC 🙂