Valorant Guild Challenge - Gamers Guild

Hey Guilders! 

The Gamers Guild will be hosting Guild Challenge: Valorant! It is a Valorant tournament for the students of BAC education group. Entry fees are RM10 per player or RM50 per team. RM60 if there is a reserve player. Only 8 Teams will play.

There are some rules and regulations players need to follow:
1. Students must register in a group. Each group must have 5 players. 1 reserve player is permitted.
2. Only current students of the BAC Education Group are allowed to enter.
3. The format of the tournament will be Single Elimination. Each match will be played in a First to 2 format while the grand finals will be played in a First to 3 format.
4. All players must commit to the dates of the competition and preliminaries. 
5. The highest rank allowed is ascendant. Each team may have one ascendant player only.
6. Any forms of cheating, smurfing and boosting are strictly prohibited. 
7. Remember to have good sportsmanship.

Registration starts from 9th March and ends 23rd March. Good luck and have fun!

Registration Link:

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