[28-Jun-2024]-[V1.0.0]-[PROD] – PIO CEO Conference


15th September 2024


9.00am - 5.30pm


Omnia Auditorium,
Menara BAC, PJ

The PIO CEO Conference is a premier global event designed to bring together top CEOs of People of Indian Origin (PIO) to foster a powerful network aimed at nurturing future leaders and ensuring collective growth for PIOs worldwide.
This conference serves as a platform to unite PIO CEOs from around the globe, establishing a global network that promotes unity and cross-border collaboration.
By encouraging strategic partnerships and leveraging the expansive growth of PIOs globally, the PIO CEO Conference aims to drive progress and development within the PIO community.
Join us to stand tall as a united and progressive global team, committed to sustainable and inclusive growth.


Establish a Global PIO CEO Network

Create a platform for PIO CEOs to connect, collaborate, and support each other, fostering a unified and influential global network.

Promote Leadership Development

Facilitate the growth and mentorship of emerging PIO leaders to ensure a strong pipeline of future CEOs.

Drive Collective Growth

Encourage initiatives and partnerships that leverage the expansive growth of India and other markets for the benefit of the global PIO community.

Foster Innovation and Sustainability

Promote sustainable business practices and innovative solutions across various industries to address global challenges.

Enhance Global Collaboration

Strengthen cross-border partnerships and collaboration among PIOs to maximize collective impact and economic opportunities.

Navigate Future Trends

Explore and address emerging global economic trends, technological advancements, and strategies to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

By achieving these objectives, the PIO CEO Conference aims to empower PIO leaders globally, fostering a united and progressive community poised for sustainable and inclusive growth.



Navigating the Future of Work in the AI Era

As AI reshapes the job landscape, continuous learning, adaptability, and the development of soft skills are crucial. Embracing new roles, fostering human-AI collaboration, and addressing ethical implications will define success. Creating inclusive, flexible work environments ensures everyone benefits from AI's transformative potential.

  • Developing Talents for Success in the Digital Economy
  • Leadership Redefined: AI & the Digital Transformation Revolution
  • Futureproofing the Workforce and Leveraging AI in the Workplace


Sustainable Business Practices & Collaborative Networks

Join industry experts as they share the benefits of aligning ESG practices with the UNSDGs and gain insight on how companies can create value by addressing global challenges through their business operations. earn from leaders in the field about best practices for leveraging ESG principles to enhance business competitiveness and societal impact.

  • Integrating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into Business Strategy
  • Circular Economy: Opportunities and Implementation
  • Building Collaborative Global Business Models for Success


Leveraging Technology Towards Accelerating Digital Innovation & Transformation

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies drives rapid innovation and seamless digital transformation, empowering businesses to stay ahead in a competitive landscape and unlock new opportunities for growth and efficiency. This strategic approach enables businesses to enhance operational efficiency, stay competitive in a fast-evolving market, and unlock new opportunities for sustainable growth and development.

  • Driving Business Growth and Success through AI and Data Driven Strategies
  • Securing the Digital Landscape through Effective Cybersecurity Strategies
  • Driving Business Transformation through Automation, Robotics and Internet of Things
  • Digital Transformation through EduTech Innovations


Global Diaspora Economic Collaboration & Partnerships

Join our experts as they discuss strategies for leveraging the skills and resources of diaspora communities to promote economic development in their countries and explore opportunities for cross-border partnerships and investment initiatives to drive sustainable growth and innovation.

  • Building the Global Diaspora Economic Model
  • Setting up a Collaborative Business Network in Rising Global Markets
  • Building Successful Cross-Border Partnerships
  • Strategies for Successfully Scaling and Going Global


  • CEOs and Top Executives:
    Leaders of companies and organizations who are of People of Indian Origin (PIO).
  • Entrepreneurs:
    Successful business owners and startup founders of PIO heritage.
  • Industry Leaders and Influencers:
    Prominent figures in various industries who can contribute to and benefit from a global PIO network.
  • Investors and Venture Capitalists:
    Individuals and firms interested in investing in PIO-led businesses and initiatives.
  • Policy Makers and Government Officials:
    Those involved in policy making and looking to foster international business relations.
  • Academics and Researchers:
    Experts in fields relevant to the global economy and business who can provide insights and knowledge.
  • Community Leaders:
    Individuals leading PIO communities globally and working towards their growth and integration.
This diverse group of attendees will help to foster a robust and dynamic network aimed at driving collective growth and development within the PIO community



The PIO Global Nexus Platform is a strategic hub designed to unite and empower People of Indian Origin (PIO) worldwide within a business context. It provides a robust framework for PIO entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals to connect, collaborate, and leverage collective expertise and resources.

Through this platform, members can forge meaningful partnerships, access market insights, and explore investment opportunities across diverse industries.

By fostering a network of like-minded individuals and organizations, the PIO Nexus Platform aims to drive innovation, accelerate growth, and enhance global business impact within the PIO community.




Conference + Gala Dinner: