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    In today’s digital age, organisations face countless cybersecurity challenges related to safeguarding sensitive information, protecting employee and client data, complying with privacy laws, and more. Regularly updating data protection practices is essential for ensuring effective security measures. It safeguards a company’s confidential business information and sensitive data, while also upholding the privacy rights of employees and customers, as mandated by privacy laws.

    Join industry professionals as they share their profound understandings on the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, and delve into the developments, potential risks, and effective strategies in the realm of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

    Stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in cybersecurity through this interactive sharing session with IT experts!

    Who should attend?

    • School leavers (SPM, IGCSE, STPM or UEC)
    • Pre-Uni students considering a career in digital technology industries
    • Parents/Guardians
    • IT Graduates
    • Professionals seeking a change in career
    • Individuals seeking to upskill, reskill and multiskill
    • Individuals interested to know more about IT, AI & Cybersecurity

    Why should you attend?

    • Gain industry knowledge from experts and professionals in cybersecurity
    • Get inspired by innovative IT ideas and breakthroughs
    • Connect with industry experts and professionals for mentorship and collaborations
    • Explore latest industry trends and learn new possibilities
    • Job prospects and advancements in the field of IT

    Meet the Experts!

    Dr. Kavitha Muthy

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Dr. Kavitha Muthy is a renowned innovator, cybersecurity expert, and is a pioneer in her field. With a PhD in Management from the University of Greenwich and a Master's in Business Administration specialising in International Business from University of East London (UEL), she is the first woman in Malaysia to be awarded the prestigious Master of Business Continuity Professional (MBCP) title. Dr Kavitha is also a recognised Best Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) in Malaysia and serves as the CyberSAFE Ambassador of Cyber Security Malaysia. Her contributions to cybersecurity awareness have garnered international acclaim. In 2019, Dr Kavitha received the International Excellence Award for Best Cybersecurity Personality from the A.P.J Abdul Kalam International Foundation in India, and was honored as one of Malaysia's Top Ten Women in Security in 2020. She is currently the Chief Strategy Officer at Intellize Tech Services.

    Thillai Raj

    Chief Technology Officer, BAC Education

    With 30 years of global leadership and experience in technology, Thillai was awarded Top 50 Technologist in ASEAN (2019). The former CTO of MIMOS (Malaysia’s National R&D Centre) has overseen 500 researchers and led MIMOS to receive 600+ patents granted. His expertise has also seen him helm the positions of Director of Flextronics and Director of Solectron. Thillai’s role of General Manager at Motorola also saw him pioneer and setup the Motorola Software Centre in Malaysia with 6 Sigma Black Belt certification and 9 patents.

    Sea Chong Seak

    Chief Technology Officer, SigningCloud

    Sea Chong Seak is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of SigningCloud Sdn Bhd, a leading provider of digital security solutions. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, he is a recognised expert in cybersecurity and has led various innovative projects in the field, including the development of secure authentication solutions, digital signature & Public Key Infrastructure solution for enterprises and the banking industry. In addition to his work at Securemetric, Sea has also been involved in important government high-impact projects, where he has applied his expertise to ensure the security and reliability of critical systems. He is also one of the major patent contributors, with several patents granted for his inventions in the area of digital security. Sea is a frequent speaker at international conferences on cybersecurity and technology trends, sharing his insights and experience with the broader community. He graduated with a MSc in Electronic Commerce from UMIST in the United Kingdom.

    Ts Dr Venkata Saigopal

    Senior Lecturer

    Dr. Saigopal has over 24 years of management experience in the field of Information Technology & Forensic and Cyber Security. He is an Assistant Professor and Senior Lecturer at BAC Education. Throughout his career, Dr. Saigopal has gained extensive knowledge and experience in various domains, including Programming Techniques, Digital Forensic Computing, E-commerce, Cyber Security, and Vulnerabilities. His presentations on software programming techniques and cybersecurity have consistently received positive feedback from clients, highlighting his ability to effectively communicate complex concepts. Dr. Saigopal holds a PhD in IoT-based Digital Forensic and Cyber Security, and is an expert in this specialised field.

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