10 Reasons to Study Communications at BAC Education

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1. Award-Winning Institution   

IACT has an unprecedented heritage of credibility and achievements that have garnered respect from the entire communications, marketing and service industries. Continuing this tradition of excellence, IACT was awarded the prestigious Best Brand in Education-Creativity & Innovation- by the globally recognised BrandLaureate in 2021 & 2022.

This coveted recognition is an achievement that solidifies IACT as the best communications specialist college in the country. The extensive and intensive programmes at IACT exceed the communications industry standards and indeed IACT graduates ‘hit the ground running’ with their industry-relevant skills sets.


2. Internship Programmes

IACT partners with top names in the communications industry to offer internship programmes that let each student acquire real-world, hands-on practical experience and insights into how communications work.

You will have the golden opportunity to step into the exciting world of an advertising agency, a publisher, a social media consultancy or a product manufacturer.

Employers from the industry also have the first-hand opportunity to access and assess you and spot the right talents that they target to employ fulltime.

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3. State-of-the-art Facilities 

IACT is housed in a modern campus that features a dance studio, a health and fitness MonsterFit gym, a comprehensive library, well-equipped learning labs, a student resource centre, wi-fi cafes, photography/video production room, a sound studio and lots of comfort-learning spaces both indoor and outdoor.

All these add to the fact that IACT is about nurturing creativity in mind, body and soul. As an IACT student, you can rest assure that with these facilities your communications programme will allow you to experience a holistic learning journey that helps you develop good social skills.

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4. Learn Micro Credentials from the World’s Best Universities

The BAC Education Group is the first institution in Malaysia to partner with Coursera, a leading global online learning platform, to offer full-scale blended learning and improve student employability. Through Coursera for Campus, students and faculty will gain free access to more than 4,600 job-relevant courses.

So, imagine your CV but with certificates from top notch universities and companies like Yale University, Google, Macquarie University, IBM, John Hopkins University, and Duke University amongst others. Wouldn’t that make you stand out from the rest? 

We are also the first and only education group in Malaysia to partner with LinkedIn Learning, offering LinkedIn Learning for all current students for free.

BAC Education has also partnered with Skillshare, an online learning community with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people. This partnership is an amazing opportunity for students and staff alike to upskill and reskill.

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5. Global Tech Giants

BAC Education has taken steps to establish management directives to drive and support the implementation of online learning experience partnerships at BAC Campus.

This drive intends to reflect a core purpose of promoting borderless or emergency remote teaching and learning continuity despite pandemic challenges, and is a seamless continuation of BAC Education’s dedication to providing students a learning experience which is i4 Revolution ready. 

BAC Education has entered a partnership with some of the foremost Technology & Education Leaders in world, offering students the opportunity to enhance their skills with various tech-based certification programmes.

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5. Learn Different

The BAC Education Group embraced the new normal and implemented various initiatives to ensure our students obtain the ultimate education experience. Our most significant initiative was Learn Different, a revolutionary idea that would transform the way we perceive education.

Learn Different is the ultimate next gen holistic education experience designed to prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.

The 4 pillars (Learn, Play, Work, and Impact) have been curated to help you become the best version of yourselves and own your future.

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6. Industry Links & Partnerships

IACT’s partners in excellence include the Training Academy of Professionals (TAP), the Malaysian Advertisers Association and the Accredited Advertising Association of Malaysia(4As).

Besides the major UK university partners in delivering cutting-edge communications programmes, IACT also has a long list of industry classroom partners that it constantly engages and collaborates with to inspire students with guest speakers, special lectures and industry insights that add value to students’ journey every step of the way.

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7. Proven Track Record 

IACT College has an impressive track record in inspiring its students to be trailblazers in the creative and communications industry since its formation in the 70s. You will find on the shelves a showcase of industry awards and recognitions that tally over 9o in just the past 5 years. The fact is, all these are won not by IACT, but by IACT students.

Hence, it is not surprising that most of these award-winning students are highly sought-after by employers even before they graduate. And that’s a fascinating testament itself of how impactful IACT programmes are.

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8. Widest Range of Student Clubs and Societies

BAC Engage is a unified student platform connecting students of the different education entities under the Group was set up. It is important that students immerse and engage themselves into communities and societies while studying, and continue to do so after they graduate.

BAC Engage is a safe and centralised student platform where new ways of thinking are welcomed, boundaries are tested, adventures are made and friendships are fostered. It is where students are empowered to do more, experience wider and explore their true potential. 

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9. Menara BAC

BAC Education’s upcoming new Green Campus Building, Menara BAC, will be home to our brand-new Innovation Hub, a launchpad for Malaysian start-ups and entrepreneurs. The Hub will be powered by global tech giants and is designed to inspire Malaysia’s next generation of industry disruptors. 

With the Innovation Hub, our students will get the chance to team up with tech companies and industry players to create and adopt cutting-edge technology to meet specific needs arising from the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

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10. Industry Syllabus & Project-based Learning

How does IACT groom students like you to become versatile professional in communications? The answer is in the incorporation of the learning methodology called Project-Based-Learning with relevant industry-based syllabus for all IACT communications programmes from foundation, diplomas to degrees.

You will be given a unique learning path that allows you to be exposed and experience highly useful, hands-on practical skills.

If you are pursuing the degree programme, in-company practical training is incorporated as a compulsory module in the final year. Hence, at the end of it all, you will eventually graduate with a highly recognised industry qualification, but more importantly, real-world knowledge that is still relevant to spur on your career development.

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