5 Apps BAC Students Can Use for Productivity

black and silver speaker on brown wooden desk

1. Notion

Notion has been a game-changer when it comes to productivity. It completely structures everything you need for school and work. I have been using it for over a year now, and it has been an invaluable tool for both my school and work.

Notion allows you to structure your assignments, schedules, calendars, tasks, etc. in many different templates. From tables to lists, you can organise your priorities in ways that are tailored to your needs.

For example, for university, my school page has all my notes within individual class pages and a separate page that organises all the assignments I need to complete for the week, month, or year. Those assignments have attached due dates, which are connected to my Notion calendar, so that I am notified when due dates are coming up.

That is just one example of the countless ways to use Notion. It is more than just a planner; it is an excellent note-taking tool that I've fully adopted into my university and work lives.


2. Any.do

Any.do is a great organiser tool that comes with a free to-do list, calendar, and reminder. It allows you to create categories for your to-do lists and also has its own grocery list tracker.

It has been an excellent tool to keep me up-to-date on all my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. With filters to sort by priority and function, sorting out your own to-do lists has never been easy. No more clutter of everything being in another to-do list, as you are able to categorise your lists in as many ways as you want.

As someone who finds satisfaction in ticking off a list of tasks, this has been a satisfying app to use and one that has made me more productive than I was without it.

3. Coursera

Coursera is an online global learning platform that offers anyone in the world online courses and degrees from 275 leading universities globally, and it is certainly one that BAC students are familiar with.

A part of the BAC arsenal, it has become a top tool in equipping students with certifications in highly sought-after fields, and as a BAC student, we get it for free throughout our years of learning in BAC.

It offers a range of learning opportunities that go from hands-on practical projects to courses and even to job-ready certificates and degree programmes. You can earn certificates from Google, Microsoft, Yale University, the University of London, etc. It is certainly a behemoth in equipping users for the future.

For me personally, Coursera has been such a blessing. Knowing that I could get certificates in other areas of study that I am interested in has been such a huge motivating factor. I have made more productive efforts in equipping myself in areas that go beyond just law, and it will undoubtedly aid in my employability in the future.

4. Lifesum

Productivity is not exclusive to just school and work; it is also important to be productive in your health, and one of the best ways to do that is with Lifesum. Lifesum is a nutritional app that helps users make smarter decisions when it comes to the food they eat, the nutrition within those foods, and a tracker for their weight.

It is not just a calorie tracker; it is also a macro tracker for nutritional information like protein, fats, and carbs. It is also an incredible water intake tracker that helps you know how many glasses of water you've had.

I cannot stress enough how much of an impact this app has had on my productivity and my own health. Tracking my food for all three meals and my water intake has never been easier. I can easily tell when I've gone over my sugar and carb limit for my personal weight goal, which has helped me stay on track with my health grind.

5. Rize

Rize is the ultimate productivity tracker. Exclusive to computers, Rize creates detailed data that tracks how long you've been working, how long you've been idling, how long you've been on a break, etc.

Using a complex algorithm, Rize is able to auto-set a focus timer for when you start your work or study sessions and will remind you to refocus when you happen to get distracted and end up on YouTube or Netflix. This enables the user to analyse the data tracked and figure out how long the user was able to focus until distracted and what exactly distracted the user, creating valuable insights in figuring out their focus cycles.

This has been another invaluable tool in my arsenal when it comes to my productivity. I personally can get distracted rather easily, and Rize has helped me figure out my optimal focus time period for work and what exactly distracts. Reading through the data has helped me be more than 70% more productive whenever I study or work, and it's one app that I cannot live without now.