A December to Remember

A Christmas event by the BAC Law Society!

'Tis the season to be jolly!'

With Christmas right around the corner, the BAC Law Society organised a year-end celebration. On 9th December 2022, students gathered in a well-decorated classroom, ready to join in the fun for 'A December to Remember.' Upon arrival, students were each given a candy cane tied with a coloured ribbon.

Students were then seen mingling and taking photos at a photo booth set up by the committee. Some even started tossing balloons around and just having fun in general. As the emcees took the stage, an icebreaker followed.

There was laughter throughout the entire room, as students were instructed to search for others with same colored ribbons on their candy canes, and to then form teams for the night. After introducing themselves, they played another icebreaker in the form of charades. Teams were given words relating to Christmas and winter. Once the ice was 'sufficiently broken,' the real fun began! The committee had planned three station games for each team.

The first was a guessing game, where each person had to guess the item in the box just by feeling it. Some odd things were thrown into the box such as pasta and tofu to confuse participants, who were seen giggling and cracking their heads trying to figure out what the odd texture was.

The next game was a variation of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey,' called 'Pin the Nose on Olaf.' Participants were blindfolded and spun around. Their teammates had to shout out instructions for them to follow on where to place the nose. The twist? Members of the opposing team were allowed to give conflicting instructions to confuse the blindfolded participant. The game was met with lots of shouting and cheering.

Last but not least was a trivia game. Participants were given the chance to choose between Christmas songs and Christmas movies, and they then had to guess the song or movie based on the clip given to them. Participants were seen shouting out the answers loud to earn points for their team.

Once all teams had completed the station games, they gathered back at the main classroom for some refreshments. Participants enjoyed some tea and desserts before the winner of the games were announced. Team Pink was then declared he winner!

One of the emcees, now dressed as Santa Claus then handed out gifts to the winners and wished them "A Holly Jolly Christmas!"

With that, the floor then transformed into an open dance floor where students were singing, dancing and simply having a great time. The day came to an end with participants taking a group photo.

Team BAC wishes all those celebrating a Merry Christmas, and to everyone else Happy Holidays!

Here's to a brand new year with more activities from the BAC Law Society. To find out more, follow them on Instagram!

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