A fun-filled Matsuri Festival

A Japanese Culture Club & Gamers Guild Collaboration

In Japan, the Matsuri Festival is traditionally celebrated to give gratitude towards their local deities.

Religious significance aside, it is also a festival that celebrates life and nature, and most importantly the growth of a community.

In many ways, it's a festival where people come together without prejudice or disdain, solely to enjoy the little things, such as a quick traditional snack or an exciting game.

On 7th September 2022, the Japanese Culture Club collaborated with Gamers Guild to bring the Matsuri experience to students and staff of BAC.

Held at the Student Hub, BAC PJ Campus, the event boasted a plethora of traditional Japanese delights, multiple games and activities.

Among some of the Japanese delights sold were the Wakame Corn Onigiri, Tuna Mayo Onigiri, Mitarashi Dango, Ribena Ramune, various Japanese candies, Mochi, and a savoury Japanese snack called Umaibo.

The Mitarashi Dango and Wakame Corn Onigiri in particular, caught the attention of the crowd, and who could blame them? These delights were as appetising as they looked.

The Mitarashi Dango is three small glutinous rice balls on a stick smothered in a sweet yet savoury molasses-like sauce.

On the other hand, the Wakame Corn Onigiri is a triangular shaped rice-ball filled with a mixture of corn and Wakame, which is a type of Japanese seaweed.

Most of the delights mentioned were handmade by committee members themselves.

Food aside, the event also had a Yukata rental where attendees could try on the traditional Japanese summer attire. Those who decided to rent one for themselves looked very stylish.

Additionally, the Japanese Culture Club's Marketing Director, Douglas Chin, also displayed his entrepreneurial cum creative side, by selling a variety of self-made merchandise.

To keep the momentum of the event going, Gamers Guild introduced the crowd to various traditional Japanese games such as the Kendaima, Naruko, Otedama, Daruma Otoshi and Koma.

Aside from traditional games, the Gamers Guild also prepared a line-up of console games ranging from Tekken 7 to Mini Taiko.

To add a twist, a Mini Shooting Competition was held where attendees were given the opportunity to shoot down targets with toy guns. The goal being, the more targets you shoot, the more points you’ll obtain. This was an instant crowd pleaser as prizes worth more than RM400 were given to the top winner.

Visitors to this event were eyeing the prizes, and competitors looked focused, all eagerly trying their best to win the grand prize.

Overall, this event was a hit amongst attendees and the the student hub did feel livelier than ever.

The Japanese Culture Club and Gamers Guild once again surpassed all expectations and outdid themselves. The Japanese Culture Club raised over RM400, while Gamers Guild managed to rake in over RM500 from this event, which will be used to host future club events.

If you are interested in future events these clubs will be hosting, do check out their social media pages and keep yourself updated!

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