A Landmark Partnership between VUC and UNGCMYB

A Giant Leap for Sustainability

Veritas University College marked a momentous occasion recently by signing a an agreement with the UN Global Compact Network Malaysia & Brunei (UNGCMYB) to launch the Certified ESG Professional Programme.

This landmark partnership is a significant step in a world where sustainable practices are becoming paramount, thus requiring professionals with expertise in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters in both Malaysia and the ASEAN region.

Faroze Nadar, Executive Director of UNGCMYB, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and emphasised the critical need to support the development of quality practitioners in the field of sustainability. He also highlighted the programme's goal of producing well-equipped individuals ready to tackle contemporary environmental challenges.

"Creating more sustainability professionals is essential..."
Faroze Nadar

Faroze Nadar is optimistic that this collaboration will yield fruitful outcomes, providing a steady stream of sustainable practitioners to meet market demands.

Looking to the Future

Also speaking at this momentous event was BAC's Chief Future Officer and Managing Director, Mr. Raja Singham who pointed out that future businesses, especially those involved in import and export, would require comprehensive sustainability reports. This requirement opens up new avenues for law and business graduates, making this programme a valuable addition to their educational portfolio.

"We live in an era where sustainability is an integral part of every company, and this partnership is set to benefit law and business graduates alike."
Raja Singham

The Certified ESG Professional Programme is poised to set a new standard for ESG education, making a significant impact on the corporate landscape and beyond. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new programme!

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