A Peek Behind the Curtain III

SPRM Uncovered: An Insider's Tale

The BAC Law Society has been doing well in educating students about different aspects of the law in Malaysia, ranging from lawmakers in the Parliament to those who use the law in the judiciary field. For the very first time, the BAC Law Society invited law enforcers to share their experience in the field!

Hailing from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (more commonly known as Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia), Tuan PPj Mohd Nadzri bin Ibrahim has been in service for almost 24 years now! He started as an Assistant Superintendent, but has since taken on the role of Assistant Commissioner of the Education Eepartment, in the community education division. With him was Tuan Mohd Tharuzi bin Mohd Nor, a member of his department.

The event, held in a bilingual manner, started with a speech from BAC Law Society's President, William Tong, which was then translated by the Vice President, Stefanie Chai. They welcomed both speakers to the event and expressed their idea for the initiative as well, hoping that the students learn more about the MACC from Tuan Mohd Nadzri and Tuan Mohd Tharuzi.

The session was split into four parts. The first was a speech from Tuan Mohd Nazri on "Understanding Corruption and its Consequences." In this session, he shared about the difference between bribery and corruption. He also explained the process of searching for evidence, questioning suspects, and detaining them. He then shared some of the real-life consequences he's seen from the act of corruption, which involved both legal and moral consequences. He shared about a time when he felt conflicted as he had to escort a perpetrator away from his family and urged the participants to never engage in corruption so it doesn't happen to them.

The next part of the session was a short Q&A where the students asked any burning questions they had about corruption and the work of the MACC. The highlight of this section for many was when the officers demonstrated the body search process with a willing volunteer, President William Tong. Students also asked more about different aspects and scenarios of corruption in this section.

After a short break of networking, followed by lunch, the event continued with the section "Insights into the Life of an SPRM Officer." Based on questions that participants had asked during registration, moderator Ang Tzen conducted the session with both Tuan Mohd Nazri and Tuan Mohd Tharuzi put on the spotlight. They shared how they joined the MACC, the requirements needed, and some of the ethical dilemmas faced as officers.

The Q&A then continued, with students asking about scenarios of corruption they see in their lives, such as in driving schools. The MACC officers urged the students to report any act of corruption they saw so that the MACC can take action. They also shared how one can join the MACC once they finish studying and encouraged the students to join.

It was an interesting event, and students got a chance to learn more about law enforcement systems put into place to ensure the country runs smoothly. If you are interested in the Law Society and events like this one, you can visit their Instagram to be updated on what they do!

See you at their next event!

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