A Picture Perfect Collaboration

IACT College, Cxpturing Souls & Lumix Panasonic

black textile on white textile

An outdoor photoshoot session was recently organised by Cxpturing Souls. Led by IACT graduate Amanda Tan, this photoshoot, "Breaking the Stereotype" models, was held at Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur.

IACT students can use the photoshoot session for photography submission and final portfolio.

Mr. Cliff from Lumix Panasonic Malaysia, joined the session as a collaborator.

This collaboration between IACT College, Cxpturing Souls and Lumix Panasonic is a positive experience for students pursuing studies in the creative field.

This photoshoot was participated by 38 IACT students, professional photographers and 10 professional models from various backgrounds, all of whom were under the direction of Amanda Tan, Founder of Cxpturing Souls, and Ms Ain’ Syafiqah Rosdi, an IACT lecturer.

As the day came to an end, students were pleased to know that photos taken by them can be used for photography submission and their final portfolios.