A Tour to Astro Radio
with SOCC Lecturers
and Students

At IACT, hands on experiences are a vital aspect of educating its students and that was proven with lecturers Raja Amanda Faisal and Mekalah Chandrasegaran, from the School of Creative Communication (SOCC), who led 24 students from the Bachelor of Media Creative Communication and Diploma in Mass Communication programmes, on a tour to Astro in Bukit Jalil.

This excursion, held on 15th March 2024, aimed to provide students with firsthand insight into the workings of the media industry, beyond what traditional classroom settings offer. With special guidance from ERA Sabah and Sarawak's own Content Manager, Hani Fadzil (@hahanybunch), the students delved into a world of media magic.

The Highlights

A major highlight for the student was the opportunity to meet Ean, Arnold and Anne, the vibrant personalities behind the HitzFM 'Breakfast Show,' one of Astro Radio's popular morning show. The students had a face-to-face interaction with the seasoned announcers that allowed them to get nuggets of info about the nuances of live broadcasting and the energy required to engage audiences in the early hours of the day.

The objectives for this experience were clear. It aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application by immersing students in real-world media environments. Applying IACT's hands-on approach was crucial for these students to develop their skills and understand the intricacies of media production, from content creation to broadcasting.

Connections for the Future

The most vital thing that students took from this excursion was the connections they've made with industry leaders. It was a networking opportunity like no other and students had the chance to connect with industry professionals, gaining valuable insights into career pathways and industry trends.

Conversations sparked during the tour could potentially lead to internships, mentorships or collaborations, further enhancing the students' professional development, and potentially paving way for oppotunities even before they graduate.

The tour to Astro with SOCC lecturers and students was more than just a field trip; it was a gateway for students to understand the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the media industry via practical exposure. Raved on by students, this tour certainly will be spoken about for a long time and you can bet it's not the last trip coming out of IACT.