Access to Coursera & LinkedIn Learning

Unlocking Opportunities to World Class Certifications
and Lifelong Learning

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We are proud to be the first in Malaysia to partner with Coursera for Campus, a leading global online learning platform, to offer full-scale blended learning that will improve our students’ employability.

Through Coursera for Campus, our students and faculty get free access to over 4,600 job-relevant courses which gives them the chance to earn microcredentials from the world’s best universities, including Yale University, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton Business School), Macquarie University, John Hopkins University, Duke University, and leading tech giants like Google and IBM.

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As of today, BAC Education has recorded a total of 16,167 users who have enrolled for Coursera courses, with 6,744 completing the course. It was interesting to learn that 70% of our students and staff focused on Business-related courses, 17% on Data Science, and almost 12% on Computer Science.

Simon Wong Li Hao, a University of London (UOL) Year 2 student at Brickfields Asia College, has completed 18 courses on Coursera, while his course mate, Shreeshilwinie A/P Elangovan V, has successfully completed 13.

Coursera is an extremely good E-learning platform for students who wish to obtain overseas certifications from universities across the globe. I gained new skills and knowledge such as negotiation and communication, and also a better understanding of the American Legal System, the basic of psychology and criminology, and the basics of being an entrepreneur, among many others,” said Simon.

Shreeshilwinie said, “The courses available on Coursera are good, and there are so many to choose from. Initially I was not aware there was a designing app called Canva- and I learned how to create content and design, which has helped me through the basics.”

Simon’s and Shreeshilwinie’s archievements are amazing and one that they deserve entirely,” enthused Reuben de Rozario, Director of Laws.

The faculty at BAC and I are immensely proud of them and know that they are going to excel in the future.”

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We encourage our students to complete as many microcredentials as they can,” said Jennifer Low, Chief Digital Officer – Learning & Experience of the BAC Education Group.

These certificates reinforce and complement what they learn in the classroom, and it helps validate that BAC’s holistic learning experience is one of the best. It truly prepares them for a career in any industry.

Apart from Coursera for Campus, we are also proud to be the first to partner with LinkedIn Learning so our students and staff can access an enormous library of over 17,000 expert-led courses on diverse, relevant, and in-depth topics.

They will get up-to-date real-world insights and acquire the skills needed to be productive and successful, in a highly personalized data-driven and engaging learning experience.

To date, our students and staff have completed a whopping 5,696 courses on LinkedIn Learning, with Microsoft Excel, Decision Making and Critical Thinking being the top 3 skills in high demand.