Advocating for the Importance of Education for Children

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Since the year 2000, the number of children in child labour throughout the world has reduced by 94 million. However, in recent years the rate of reduction has slowed down by two-thirds. The UN Sustainable Development Goals call for child labour in all its forms to end by 2025. Here are three reasons why children need education rather than work.

Contributes to better child growth and development.

While children do engage in paid and unpaid forms of work, it becomes child labour when said children work in undesirable conditions. For example, working in a dangerous environment or on strenuous activities. These undesirable conditions would affect a child’s growth and holistic development. On the other hand, children who go through an education in safe environments have a chance of better holistic growth and development.

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Ensures the rights of the child are protected, not violated.

In child labour, there are many ways in which the child risks exploitation. Some instances of this would be human trafficking, physical abuse, sexual abuse, etc. Because of this, there is no guarantee for safety or health of the child, and their rights are prone to being violated. Every child has the right to health and survival, identity, education, protection, leisure, housing, and freedom of expression. Child labour does not guarantee the fulfilment of these rights, it violates them. Whereas proper education enables the understanding and fulfilment of these rights. Proper education for children hence ensures the rights of the child are protected and fulfilled.

Secures their future and helps them play a part in societal impact.

In contrast to child labour that gives no guarantee on the day-to-day safety of the child, a proper education extends even to providing for the child’s future! Giving children proper education helps them to learn more about the world around them. It also equips them with the knowledge and skills to live and function in society. Besides that, providing children with education and the safe space to learn also helps them to develop their interests, aspirations, and ambitions. This further empowers them to leave a positive influence or impact which will shape society for the better.

In conclusion, in order for us to eliminate child labour, we need to advocate for equal and accessible education for all children. Education is not only the key to building the children’s future, it eliminates poverty and builds a better nation. Let us all play our part toward that better future.

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