ALSA and Amnesty BAC
Visit AIAC

On 17th August 2022, ALSA BAC and Amnesty BAC collaborated to organise a trip to the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC). This trip saw the participation of 25 students from the UKT (Law), UOL and FIL programmes.

The visit started off in a waiting lounge with a briefing by the tour guide about how the visit would go, and what the students could and couldn't do.

Once the students were appropriately briefed, they were led into AIAC's auditorium, where they heard a talk about arbitration and what exactly AIAC does. The talk was an eye-opener for students, as classes only covered the basics of arbitration.

They learned about the difference between arbitration and litigation, what system AIAC uses, how they cooperate and work with arbitration centres from other nations and even what it takes to be an arbitrator! It was enlightening for the students to learn these things as they found out more about career pathways outside of litigation. The students interacted well, asking many questions to deepen their understanding on the topic.

At the end of the talk, the speaker cordially invited students to join in some of AIAC's upcoming activities such as a sports day, a trivia night and other talks which could benefit their studies. They were also shown a promotional video introducing AIAC and its different rooms, as well as certain distinguished features.

After the talk, the students had a rare opportunity to take a tour of the building. They were shown a conference room where hybrid arbitration cases are held, a library with an abundance of resources on arbitration as well as books on the history of AIAC, and the private lounge where arbitrators are allowed to spend time in between sessions. They were also shown private rooms where arbitration cases are usually discussed. To protect clients' confidentiality, the students were not allowed to sit in on an arbitration case, but the experience was still one to remember for them.

The students were inspired by this visit, knowing that there are options for them outside of corporate law and litigation. Some students even asked about doing an internship at AIAC.

Find out more on what the students had to say in the video below!

This was truly a wonderful experience for these students, and this visit definitely enriched their studies.

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