ALSA BAC’s Trick or Meet

“CAUSE’ THIS IS THRILLER, THRILLER NIGHT and no one’s gonna save you from the beast about to strike!” - MJ 

By Aarthie Surais (Editorial Club)

On 21st October 2022, the ghouls and creatures of the night gathered at BACPAC for ALSA BAC’s Halloween-themed event, the 'Trick or Meet Party.' With a turnout of more than 70 BAC students, the event was deemed a success!  

The purpose of 'Trick-or-Meet' was to give students a break from their studies: to just have a good time playing games and eating spooky-licious treats. It also gave us all a chance to dress up as vampires and sorcerers. We even had a black-winged Angel show up for the event! 

The event was hosted by members of ALSA BAC’s Committee. Our advisor, Ms. Diana kicked off the session with a short speech thanking everyone for attending the event, and reminding students to have a great time mingling around.

Shortly after, the committee members of ALSA BAC proceeded with the first ice-breaking session. This is where guests divided themselves into teams and played a game similar to ‘charades.’ 

The highlight of the event was the ‘Murder Hunt’ game, where guests were given clues to help them figure out who amongst the committee members was the murderer. Due to a constraint in time, we were not able to solve all 5 clues, but one team still managed to figure out who the murderer was!  

white bird flying during daytime

After a tiring but fun time running around the BAC Student Hub digging for clues, it was time to gather back at BACPAC to announce the nominees and winner of the best-dressed competition!

With votes determined by cheers from the crowd, we were able to choose 3 winners for the categories of “Best-dressed Female”, “Best-dressed Male”, and “Best-dressed Committee Member”.  


Eventually, refreshments were served and we watched all the cupcakes, tarts, brownies, and sandwiches get swept away by the attendees, who were having a great time. As the event came to an end, everyone seemed reluctant to say good-bye after an amazing evening.  

person using braille writer

Aside from the guests of the event, the people who had the most fun were the committee members of ALSA BAC, and that includes me! Once the event wrapped up, we got the chance to clean up and sneak in a few photos with the crew.

I will definitely cherish the memories I've made from 'Trick or Meet,' and I’m looking forward to attending more of these events before leaving for the UK.

If you feel this way too, stay tuned for more events from ALSA BAC, and together, let's make more lasting memories! 

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