Amnesty BAC Visits Zoo Negara

Amnesty BAC has just begun their new tenure, and with the start of a new tenure comes a need to bond and get to know each other. This was the intention behind the trip to Zoo Negara that Amnesty BAC organised this month.

Once the participants reached Zoo Negara, the trip started off with a short animal show. Students got the chance to witness tricks and stunts done by the sea lions and the macaws of the zoo.

After the fascinating animal show, the participants took a trip around the zoo, visiting different animals and learning more about them. Some of the notable animals they got a chance to see were the deers, crocodiles, snakes and the tigers!

Once they had toured the whole zoo, they had a quick refreshment break before making their way back to BAC to have lunch and bond further. They took the time to chat and get to know each other, even going as far as discussing some ideas for events in the coming tenure.

Recognising the positive impact of bonding events on member participation and enthusiasm, their outing gave the team a chance to build their team dynamics and cooperation, potentially making Amnesty BAC much more effective in its pursuits.

Ultimately, this visit did hit the mark in terms of bonding, and with the added bonus of education, it was all around a successful event.

Amnesty BAC does not just conduct bonding events like this one, they also have events relating to human rights issues happening all around the world as they aim to raise awareness about this among BAC students. If you are interested in what they do, you can check out their Instagram or register for the club via!