An Educational & Interactive Discussion About Voting Rights

with Amnesty BAC!

By Stanley Wong Ji Kin (BAC Editorial Club)

Democracy is for the people, but it cannot work without strong institutions and good governance” - Ngeow Chow Ying

Democracy is something that is embedded in the foundation of Malaysia’s existence. Enshrined in our constitution, democracy is celebrated and executed through the process of elections and voting. Hence, with the recent announcement of a general election on the 20th of October 2022 many are geared up and excited to exercise their right to vote.

However, this year’s election is noticeably distinct from those that came before it. This is because it is the first election in the nation’s history where individuals 18 and above are allowed to vote. It is therefore without surprise that many youths who are eligible to vote have no prior experience in voting and may be confused about the voting process.

To clear doubts and anxieties regarding voting and to encourage the youth to vote, Amnesty BAC held an event titled YOUth Vote on the 4th of November 2022. Following the transition from online to physical events, this event was held physically at Liverpool (Level 1), BAC PJ Campus.

The event kicked-off with a panel discussion featuring guest speakers from Amnesty International Malaysia and Bersih Malaysia.

Speakers Brian Yap and Ngeow Chow Ying were invited to share their thoughts on the importance of youth participation in elections. The panel discussion came to a close with a Q&A session which allowed the speakers to answer questions from the audience, as well as to clear doubts and misconceptions regarding the voting process.

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A voting simulation with hands-on experience then followed.

The voting simulation started off with 6 fictitious political parties coming up on stage presenting their manifestos in hopes of attracting voters. Following this, attendees were instructed to queue and obtain their ballot papers to vote in makeshift polling booths. The whole simulation was constructed in a way where it reflected the actual voting process.

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The counting process began as soon as the last attendees casted their ballots. Winning by a landslide majority, Parti Roti Canai and Mi Goreng were crowned winners of the election!

Overall, the event was a success! With a turnout of close to 50 people, the room was filled with much enthusiasm and inquisitiveness.

After this event, many attendees were not only more knowledgeable about voting and the overall process, but they also walked out more prepared for the upcoming elections.

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