Another Exciting BAC Movie Day!

Enjoyed the last BAC Movie Day with Black Adam? Well, superheroes are not out of style yet! Coinciding with the cinematic release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, BAC organised another Movie Day for its students!

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is centered around the grieving family of the late King T'Challa, while dealing with the threat of a new world power. They work together with some familiar faces to bring Wakanda to a new age.

From 11th October 2022, students thronged the reception counter in the BAC PJ Campus to collect their free movie tickets, and within a week, most of the tickets were redeemed. Excitement was all around for the upcoming movie.

After a long day of classes, especially at the end of the semester with assignments looming, this chance to de-stress was exactly what the students needed.

On the long awaited day, students were so enthusiatic to watch the movie that some showed up at 5:15pm for a 7:15pm show! The excitement was palpable as they entered the cinema, having braved the heavy rain to get there in time.

"It was such a wonderful experience watching this movie with my friends and having the theater hall filled with BAC students. Thank you BAC for giving us free tickets!" said Lean Kai Ching, a BAC student.

"Wakanda Forever was pretty enjoyable for me who isn't familiar with Marvel. Love that BAC is having movie nights, and I look forward to more in the future." said Wei Lun, President of BAC's Badminton Club.

If you missed out on Movie Day this round, there will be another one happening in December! Hurry on to the reception counter at BAC PJ Campus to collect your tickets for Avatar: The Way of Water before they run out!

See you there!