Awards Come Naturally At IACT!

Here’s an interesting fact. IACT students have been winning awards and recognitions for their creative prowess even before they graduate.

Just over the past five the shelves at IACT have been filling up with over ninety prestigious industry awards. Before we take a look at some of these accolades let us share with you some insights as to why this comes so natural at IACT.

Excellence begets excellence

Since 1970, IACT has been transforming young, aspiring creative communications student into creative communications specialists with its choice of awesome and highly recognised courses. At IACT, you hold the keys to unlock a kaleidoscope of career options in the exciting world of media and communications. Besides, being educated in multi-disciplines, IACT graduates can move from one job specialisation to another seamlessly as they are driven by the same underlying excellence and passion.

IACT does not teach creativity. We inspire your creative thinking and nurture your creative passion. Hence, every student at IACT has the opportunity to discover themselves and their inner talents. IACT sows the seeds for you to grow your future. And your future begins the moment you step in.

Inspiring sparks of creativity

With an industry-led teaching faculty, hands-on internships, lots of skills development workshops and many other Learn Different methodologies, you are given a multitude of opportunities to absorb and immerse yourself in a world of creative thoughts and processes that serve as sparks of inspiration in your course of studies

Our students inspirational endeavours have garnered a string of awards and recognitions that include the Malaysian ad industry’s premier Student Kancil Awards, the International Online Students Film Competition, the Gatsby International Creative Awards, Astro A-List Short Films Award, Short & Sweet Malaysia Film Awards, Star Media Awards, TV3 Projek Video Malaysia Award, Wave Film Award, Turn Up The Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Competition Award and many more.

Not surprisingly, IACT itself has been honoured with the global recognition as the 2020 Best Brand In Creative Communications and 2021 Best Brand in Education-Creative & Innovation by BrandLaureate.

We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg of endless creative awards that seem to come naturally at IACT! Come, be part of the celebration of creative excellence and be inspired by the possibilities at IACT.