BAC Alumni Dinner

A Night to Remember

Together again! The annual BAC Alumni Dinner brought old friends and peers back to where it all started, this time to celebrate all the growth and achievements they've accomplished together and as individuals.

Held in Menara BAC's Barrister's Hall, our Alumni didn't just show up for the dinner, they SHOWED up in beautiful dresses and fancy suits; highlighting their maturity and proceeded to bask in their new professional aura.

However, it wasn't just them!

Our Alumni were joined by old mentors and lecturers who each played an important role that got our graduates to where they are now, and they certainly came in looking their best.

What the Night Entailed

What followed was a night of reminiscing, joy, laughter and feasting. Our Alumni were treated to good food, great drinks and even better company.

Everyone had a blast! Enjoying performances by Sharon Koh who sang beautiful renditions of 'When We Were Young'- Adele and 'I Ain't Got You' - Alicia Keys

We even had BAC's own Indian Cultural Society perform dances to a number of Hindi and Tamil medleys that had us all hooting and hollering; further elevating an already exciting night.

Even our very own Gurpreet & Dev kept the momentum going with an iconic rap of Eminem's - Lose Yourself, which kept the energy level sky-high! Our Alumni were having the time of their lives.

However, we cannot forget the eccentric cover of Stand By Me and an electric cover of La Bamba by our very own Co-founder, Raja Singham. It was the cherry on top of the celebratory cake.

It was truly an unforgettable night for everyone. One that will be held on and reminisced about for years to come.

Here are a few moments to highlight the night:

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Now that our Alumni go back and enter the workforce as industry trained professionals, the memories and lessons that have been made throughout their years in BAC will forever be a part of them and our BAC culture. Leaving a legacy to be followed by the future graduates of our school.

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