BAC Amnesty Club Sheds Light on Deaths in Custody

Every month, BAC Amnesty Club selects a different human rights issue to bring to light. Their goal as a club is to make more people aware of human rights violation happening all around the world and even locally.

This month, their theme centred around Deaths in Custody. One of the first events organised by the new tenure was a talk about this very topic and how it is prevalent even in Malaysia. Amnesty Club invited a special guest, Ms. Jernell Tan, the Documentation and Monitoring Coordinator at Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM), to share about her work in this field.

Some of the things shared by Ms. Jernell Tan were about the high rates of deaths in custodial settings, even in Malaysia. She mentioned that there is a scarcity of individuals willing to look into this matter, and gave a brief explanation of the sequence of stations when one is taken into custody. She also shared a brief overview of her work in SUARAM and how they help avoid these deaths in custody.

Students also asked about accountability among law enforcement officer, how SUARAM is working towards addressing these issues and how they are helping the victims' families, and the measures that can be put into place to reduce the prevalence of this issue.

In the end, students were more aware of this human rights issue, and they are now equipped with the knowledge they need to use their voice in the right way when they hear of these deaths in custody.

If you too have a passion for human rights and bringing awareness to the inhumane treatment faced by people all around the world, you can visit Amnesty BAC's Instagram or register for the club via

Stay tuned for Amnesty BAC's flagship event, Write for Rights!