BAC Career Club Visits Messrs. Thomas Phillip

All genuine learning comes through experience.
John Dewey

One of the most important parts of learning is getting to know what the field is like. This is BAC Career Club's main goal. They achieve this with endeavours and activities like talks, podcasts, video content, and most importantly, visits to law firms! This time around, BAC Career Club organised a visit to Messrs. Thomas Phillip, the largest dispute resolution only firm in Malaysia, focused solely on civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation.

The visit started off with sharing sessions from five different lawyers in the firm. The first was Ms. Aqila Zulaiqha Zulkifli, who spoke to the students about civil litigation and shareholder disputes. Next, was Ms. Voon Su Huei, touching on the area of shareholder disputes as well as commercial and contractual disputes. After that was Ms. Nicole Lee Sin Yee, who spoke about bankruptcy and insolvency.

She was followed by Ms. Sherylin Choy, who shared her insights on corporate insolvency, and last but not least, Ms. Rene Yap, who shared her experience in family law. After each speaker shared their experiences in their individuals areas of expertise, our students were given a chance to ask questions and clarify points shared by the lawyers.

Once the talks were over, our students were given the opportunity to tour the firm building. They got to see the lawyers at work in their element and even got a chance to meet one of the firm's partners, Mr. Aliff Benjamin Suhaimi. He spoke to them about work-life balance and his work as a partner for the firm.

After the firm tour, the students proceeded back to the event space to have lunch and network with the lawyers. They got to hear about the lawyers' experiences and get tips from the lawyers about what they can do in the future once they graduate. This experience was an insightful one for our students, especially those who are particularly interested in the subjects touched on by the lawyers.

If you missed this trip, don't worry! The clubs at BAC organise many trips to law firms like this one, so stay tuned for the next one! And if you are interested in joining BAC Career Club, you can visit their Instagram or click the button below to join!

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