BAC Career Club's Visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

BAC Career Club's main goal is to give students an idea of what their work and careers could look like in the future. They do their best to open up students' minds to different avenues and ideas for new career paths.

BAC Career Club recently organised a visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to broaden students' understanding of what this ministry does and how they can be a part of this ministry in the future.

When students arrived, the first part of the visit was a brief exploration of the ministry's exhibit of their past, current and future affairs. Students could read and view exhibits about some of Malaysia's prominent foreign affairs and where they have offices stationed around the world.

After that brief view, they had a chance to hear from YBHg. Dato' Mohd Suhaimi Jaafar, the Undersecretary of the high level task force for the ASEAN Community's post 2025 vision, who spoke on ASEAN's role and future progress. He encouraged the students to join and get involved with ASEAN related events, so as to broaden their scope and even meet new people. He answered students' burning questions about Malaysia's affairs with different countries, especially in the ASEAN region.

Next, students had a chance to hear from Mr. Muhammad Nur Anuar Nordin, the Assistant Secretary of the Division of Communication and Public Diplomacy, who spoke on the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He explained briefly about the different international conventions that Malaysia has joined, and humanitarian acts they have ratified. He also shared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' social media account with the students and encouraged them to follow if they wanted to know more.

It was an insightful and enlightening trip. Students were able to learn much more about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it definitely opened up new possibilities for the future for some students.

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