BAC Celebrates Deepavali with Several Kolams

With Deepavali on the way, many beautiful and culturally significant decorations have been popping up. Everyone is in the festive mood, and ICS BAC was no exception. Bringing their skills and talents to the table, on the 18th of October, ICS BAC got to work creating a gorgeous kolam for BAC's reception area.

If you were wondering, a kolam is a traditional Indian decorative art piece traditionally drawn using rice flour (though some use chalk or stone powder instead). In Malaysia however, a kolam can most commonly be seen made with uncooked rice. Though they are breathtakingly gorgeous, in the olden days, their main purpose was not decoration. In the spirit of welcoming other beings into one's home and everyday life, a kolam was laid out each day as nourishment for ants, birds and other small creatures.

In modern times however, the purpose has evolved, giving rise to many different patterns, such as flowers, stars and lamps. One thing that has remained is to have text in the kolam, with well-wishes or seasonal phrases like 'Happy Deepavali.'

The students of ICS BAC did not hold back in trying to create the perfect kolam, trying out several designs before coming up with one they liked. Donning a flower shape with multiple colours spreading outwards, the design almost looked like it was glowing. They completed it with a border and a greeting above the flower and two lamps by the side.

For some of them, it was their first ever experience in creating a kolam. This is what they had to say about it:

“ICS BAC always been close to my heart! It was a tremendous opportunity for me working for this Kolam activity together with the helpful souls of ICS members. It fills me full with gratification that I contributed to BAC for the greatest Deepavali celebration by doing this Kolam activity”. - Asseka Danasilan

“In my opinion the process of preparing the kolam not only taught me how to make one but it made me new friends and made me become more aware of our prestigious Indian culture and traditions” - Shasivarnan Parameswaran

Besides the kolam done by ICS BAC, several other kolams popped up around campus, such as at the Ugly Mug Café, The BAC Store, and beside the Reliance Kitchen. Each of them had their own unique style and presence, with well-wishes attached to some.

If these beautiful designs catch your eye, come to BAC PJ Campus to have a look before time runs out! BAC wishes every student, member of staff and reader a Deepavali Valthugal and happy holidays!