BAC CF Celebrates Christmas!

Tis the season for BAC CF's Christmas Party! BAC Christian Fellowship loves to share in the joy that comes in the season of Christmas. Every year, they host a wonderful Christmas party for students of BAC Education. This year, their theme was 'The Christmas Plot Twist.' BACPAC was decorated with Christmas trees and a photo booth with several 'parodied' Christmas movie posters featuring the CF committee.

On 14 December 2023, over 100 people gathered in BACPAC, ready to celebrate. The event started off with some refreshments for everyone, some of them even being Christmas themed! At 5pm, the event kicked off with a game. Participants were challenged with a round of Christmas-themed charades, and had fun trying to guess the movies, songs and items acted out by their teams.

After participants had warmed up to each other with games, there was a short carolling session. The BAC CF team led the participants in 2 songs, 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' and 'Joy to the World.' It was an enjoyable carolling session, but the next item caught everyone's attention once again. The BAC CF team acted out a skit about Santa and whether the birth of Jesus is the real reason for Christmas.

This skit was in fact, a segue into the main event of the evening, a talk by Mr. Paul, a lecturer for the Foundation in Law course right here at BAC. He spoke to the students about the real "plot twist" of Christmas, which was the birth of Jesus and how Christmas is not about Santa, or gifts or anything like that. After the talk, there was a short session of songs.

Last but not least, participants were invited to join a gift exchange, where they were given numbers, and they had to find the person with the corresponding gift. Participants were encouraged to mingle and find the right gift exchange partner, and that was the end of the night.

However, that's not the end for BAC CF! They will be continuing with their weekly meetings, as well as sports socials in the new year. If you are interested, you can get in touch with them via their Instagram or register via

See you at their next event!