BAC CF Celebrates Easter!

Easter is an annual celebration for Christians all over the world, including the community right here at BAC, our very own BAC Christian Fellowship! This year, they aimed to reach out to students with something that is relevant to them, coming up with the topic "Christ died on the cross... so?"

The two ends of BACPAC were decorated representing two ends of a spectrum: Individualism, represented by posters of Gen Z achievements and phrases, and God, represented by a cross. Before the event began, the committee asked guests to write down what Christianity meant to them. These answers were stuck on the cross for others to see.

Beginning with an ice-breaking game, participants worked together in groups, allowing them a time to bond. After the games, they sang a few songs. It was an enjoyable time for the participants, where they had some fun before the main part of the event began.

This ice breaking and song session paved the way for the next part of the event, where students gathered into groups and shared their opinions on questions like "What is Christianity?" and "Why do you think Jesus died on the cross?" These deep questions allowed students to understand the general idea of Christianity and share their experiences.

The next part of the event was a talk by BAC's lecturer Mr. Paul. He spoke on why it is important to believe in God, especially in a world where everyone cares only about themselves. "Don't chase after things that won't last forever," said Mr. Paul, ending his talk with words of encouragement to the students.

The event was a successful one with many attendees enjoying it and learning about the reason for Easter. Their hope is to educate students not to go after the fleeting things in life but to find something stable that they can count on.

If you are interested in joining BAC CF, you can visit their Instagram or register using the button below! They will be having lunch sessions every Wednesday, so feel free to ask them any burning questions you may have about Christianity!

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