BAC Christian Fellowship Celebrates Easter

by Shenoj Kuruvilla

Easter has come and gone, but the spirit remains within BAC's Christian Fellowship. Wishing to share the festivities with the rest of BAC Education Group, they organised "The Cross that Changes Everything," an Easter event, which was held on 22nd April 2022.

This event saw students engaging amongst themselves, connecting with community on campus, and exchanging thoughts and ideas about life, while having an enjoyable Easter celebration. The event, held at BACPAC (BAC Performing Arts Centre) hosted a variety of students, staff and guests from BAC CF's sister chapter, IACT CF.

The evening started off with some light refreshments as people got to know one another, followed by a short ice-breaking session. Each person was given a bingo sheet with several characteristics on it, and they had to go around the room finding people who fit those characteristics to sign their sheet. The first person to get a 'bingo' would win a prize.

Once a winner was found and a prize was awarded, the event transitioned to the introduction Easter. Though the world has commercialised Easter into a holiday about easter eggs and bunnies, it's really about the death and resurrection of Jesus. The emcee then introduced the guest speaker, Pastor Curtis from City Discipleship Presbyterian Church.

The event then moved to a time of worship with songs. The team assured guests that although it was an act of worship for Christians, no one was under any compulsion to sing if they did not wish to do so. Many were able to engage with the songs and sing along.

The event continued with a short discussion on the meaning of Easter and what the image of the cross meant to the participants. They split into smaller groups to share their opinion and feelings towards the imagery. From there, Pastor Curtis shared a message about Easter. He spoke about the things Jesus had to overcome as he died, and urged participants to seek God.

After another short time of worship through songs, the event ended with the emcee providing details on the regular Christian Fellowship meetings. Participants were then given a chance to mingle once more before having dinner together.

The event was a fruitful one, which enabled students to bond with each other, and for them to also have an enjoyable Easter celebration. This event also allowed for students to learn about a belief which could possibly be different from theirs.

With an event of this nature, the BAC Education Group hopes to promote tolerance and diversity of culture of the students.