BAC Christian Fellowship Celebrates Valentine's Day

In the season of Valentine's, love is at the forefront of everyone's minds. While some celebrate their love, some celebrate their singlehood. With that objective in mind, the BAC Christian Fellowship hosted their first major event of the year: "Freshies Night ft. Valentines!" This event aimed to bring together new and old students, allowing them to make connections and friends.

The event started with a game for students to get to know each other, and get to know each other they did! The game grouped students together and had them get to know each other with icebreaking questions before switching groups once again and doing the same.

Once the ice was sufficiently broken, the next part of the session commenced. The emcee, Ehud introduced the topic of the evening through love songs from different languages and cultures. This segued into a session of songs about God's love. Moving on from there, students were given another opportunity to mingle with each other, given conversation topics about love. After that short session for mingling, the speaker of the night was introduced.

Li Qi is a lawyer who left his job to pursue full time ministry work. He is an invited staff member who supports the campus gospel ministry of BAC Christian Fellowship, and ministers Christian legal students, particularly during their difficult times. He discussed the nature of love in the world and how it differs from God's love.

The event ended with a group photo and an invitation to join the BAC Christian Fellowship. It was a fruitful event, bonding students together and helping them understand more about love.

If you're interested in joining BAC CF, head over to their Instagram or click the button below to register via BAC Engage!

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