BAC Clubs Celebrate Valentine's

Love is in the air!

With Valentine's Day having come and gone, we got to see several clubs spreading the love this week with flowers, chocolates and the like. Interested? Keep reading!

Love Lane by BAC Law Society

On 13th February 2023, the BAC Law Society started off the season of love with their very own 'Love Lane!' Starting from 11am, the ground floor of the campus was filled with the sight of flowers, games, and delectable baked goods! Some of the stalls featured by the Law Society were:

  • Tarot Reading
  • Flower Sales
  • Drinks & Cookies
  • Crocheted bunnies
  • Q&A With Your Partner

The event was a success, with the flowers selling out halfway through the day! Students flocked to the booths for a tarot reading, buying some delectable cookies while having some overall fun!

365 Days of Valentine by BAC Leo Club

On Valentine's Day itself, the Leo Club had their turn in the spotlight. Offering some 'love connections', the Leo Club had several activities planned throughout the day as well:

  • Chocolate bouquets
  • A Photo booth
  • Truth or dare sessions
  • Hair accessory sale

The booth attracted many who wanted to do something sweet for a loved one, but it also gained popularity among the single students–they were given a chance to get to know someone new by displaying their Instagram handle for any 'interested parties.'

The Leo Club ended up making RM270 in revenue that day, besides the joy of seeing students appreciate their partners and loved ones.

Hearty Party by BAC Performing Arts Club

On 15th February 2023, the BAC Performing Arts Club decided to take the season of love one step further by showing some love to our furry friends! They set up various booths on campus, partnering with other clubs like the Event Management Club and the Anime Club to raise funds for My Pets Haven, an independent animal shelter and adoption centre.

Here are some of the booths they had:

  • Flower selling
  • Truth or dare
  • Free hugs
  • Tarot reading
  • Anime merchandise (from the Anime Club)
  • Drinks (from the Event Management Club)

They also offered coloured ribbons to passers-by for them to indicate their "availability" whether they were single, taken or somewhere in between.

In the end, they raised over RM200 for My Pets Haven, and fostered some unity between clubs!