BAC Clubs Celebrate Women

On the 8th of March 2023, the world celebrated International Women's Day. In support of, and acknowledging the achievements of women, several BAC clubs came together to showcase the talents and passion of women from different backgrounds - students, mothers, single and independent women, who have started their own businesses. This gave these women the chance to shine and show the world who they are.

On 10th March, BAC's Indian Cultural Society organised their very own 'SHE' Bazaar 2.0! The SHE Bazaar was an initiative by the Indian Cultural Society to showcase the accomplishments of select women.

The Bazaar saw five booths, selling:
- Flowers
- Handmade accessories
- Henna art
- Bath & self care items
- Mutton and Chicken Biryani

There was also a poster where customers and passers-by could write messages of inspiration for women, or to simply wish Happy Women's Day, which was a great addition and sweet touch to an already awesome event.

In the end, women who participated in the SHE Bazaar got their chance to shine, as they showcased their businesses. The spirit of Women's Day was definitely seen through the efforts of the Indian Cultural Society.

The next event was conducted by the Leo Club, called 'Women on the Rise.' On 28th March 2023, BAC Leo Club invited three mothers and several students with the entrepreneurial spirit to showcase their businesses on campus, in honour of International Women's Day earlier in the month.

There were six booths in total:
- Henna art
- Bath bombs
- Tarot readings
- Self care items
- Snacks and drinks
- Bread and buns

Students were empowered as they were given the opportunity to earn from their hobbies and passion, while invited mothers ran their sales at a discounted price to appeal to students.

This truly was a huge success and more women were empowered to rise up and make themselves known through their passion.

Although International Women's Day has passed and Women's History Month is over, women should not be relegated to the sidelines once again. They should be given an equal chance to shine and be successful. BAC wishes the best for all the women who have showcased their talents and passion in the past month, and we hope to see more women shine bright!

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