BAC Debate Open 2022

On 10th and 11th September 2022, BAC Debate Club held their annual debate tournament, the BAC Debate Open. This year's tournament was a unique one, as it was held in a hybrid manner!

20 teams featuring participants of different ages from all over the world gathered together on a digital and physical platform provided by BAC to debate about current issues. Of these 20 teams, seven teams participated physically and 13 participated online.

The competition began early on 10th September 2022, with competitors showing up early for registrations and briefing. The competition then took off! Debates were held in different classrooms around BAC, with most competitors getting the chance to debate with international students in their league.

The first day consisted of four rounds, with motion themes on education, climate change, politics and relationships. Competitors delivered passionate speeches and argued their side in order to solve the issue presented by the motions. However, only eight teams were able to continue to the semi-finals.

The competition was taken to the next level on Day 2, with the semi-finals starting at 10am. The teams debated about philosophy, arguing on whether the ability to selectively remove the feeling of regret should be granted to people. Many differing points were conveyed through the speeches, with teams translating their passion for debate, brought the day before.

From each semi-final round, only two teams were able to proceed to the finals. By sheer coincidence, both teams that advanced to the finals were teams that participated online.

The debate saw participants from America, India, Vietnam and even Ghana!

To keep the competitive spirit alive and to encourage learning from competitors, teams that didn't make it to the finals stayed on to watch the match.

These teams debated the motion "This House regrets the rise of para-social relationships in streaming and social media platforms, e.g. on Twitch, TikTok, et cetera."

All competitors delivered their points well, with some humour cleverly inserted in. The speakers even caused the audience to chuckle on several occasions, while still bringing forth valid and meaningful points.

The competition ended with the announcement of the best speakers from the novice and open category, followed by the announcement of the winner of the BAC Debate Open.

After two days of intense debating, the champions of this competition were Matthew Caito and Shaurya, competitors from America and India!

BAC Education wishes them a heartfelt congratulations and kudos for their skillful debating.

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Stay tuned for the next event by the BAC Debate Club!