BAC Education Group Embraces Blockchain Technology

The world is changing, and we are adapting right alongside it.

As we move further into the digital era, cases of fraudulent credentials are on the rise. Akhbar & Associates, a Malaysian corporate fraud investigation agency, revealed in 2019 that 5% – 7% of prospective hires had fake degrees.

Endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education, for the issuance and verification of certificates in public universities as early as 2018, blockchain certificates are used by a number of institutions including University Malaya (locally) and Wharton Business School (internationally).

That’s why the BAC Education Group embraced blockchain technology to issue academic certificates!

Several reasons BAC Education has opted to utilise blockchain technology in issuing academic certificates include:

  • Easily Stored And Retrieved
    Blockchain digital certificates can conveniently be downloaded from your emails as a OpenCerts file and stored on your computer like a normal digital file. You no longer have to worry about searching for lost paper certificates for a job interview.
  • International Mobility
    With an OpenCerts file, you can share your credentials with foreign employers, immigration offices, and universities.
    These parties will be able to conveniently access and verify the certificate by simply dragging and dropping the OpenCert file into the Veritas-hosted portal (provided by Accredify) to determine the certificate’s authenticity within seconds. As such, OpenCerts significantly improves international mobility by allowing critical documents to be verified easily and effortlessly.
  • Accessibility
    The digital nature of the OpenCerts file allows you to store your certificates on the server forever. This also gives you the freedom to access them whenever and wherever you wish- meaning that you will have full mastery over your credentials, and no longer have to worry about expensive replacement fees for any misplaced paper degree certificates.

Curating A Digital Portfolio Of Achievements
The days of physically laminating, filing, and storing hard copies of certificates and official transcripts are over. You will be able to curate multiple degree certificates from different institutes digitally, as well as maintain a verifiable record of all your achievements for prospective employers.

  • Remove The Risk Of Forgery And Fraud
    You will be able to avoid tarnishes to your reputation in the event of anyone trying to copy your certificate. With OpenCerts and tamper-proof degree certificates, you will have one less worry on your mind when convincing employers of the authenticity of your academic certificates.

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