BAC Education Wins
The Online Services – Education Award At MTEA 2022 

By Nithiyah Tamilwanan

In April 2022, BAC Education won the Online Services – Education award at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards for the second consecutive time!   

I still remember when we won the awards last year. We received the news during the third wave of the pandemic, when physical events and ceremonies were restricted. Due to these unfortunate circumstances, the presentation and interview took place virtually.  

As such, the team was thrilled when we received the invitation, in early April, to attend a physical awards presentation ceremony and interview at The Westin, KL.  

On April 27th, a few representatives, along with Mr Thillairaj Ramanathan, the Chief Technology Officer of BAC Education, attended the ceremony during our allocated slot. It was incredibly special, witnessing the presentation and Mr Thillairaj’s interview with the Singapore Business Review. Awards such as these are an incredibly important recognition of our efforts over the past few years. 

The BAC family has indeed worked tirelessly to digitalise our ultimate, next gen holistic education ecosystem. We have invested millions in state-of-the-art technology to ensure a seamless transition to hybrid learning – the future of education.  

In the past year, I watched how innovative ideas were developed, nurtured and brought to life to help our students learn, work, play and create impact in an increasingly globalised world. 

This process by itself was awe-inspiring. Would you like a peek into the revolutionary world we’ve built within our ecosystem? Here are just a few of the many initiatives developed over the past year: 

- BAC Education’s Learning Management System 
The main feature of this hybrid experience is our Learning Management System (LMS), which acts as a one-stop learning portal, giving students unfettered access to an extensive library of pre-recorded in-class lessons, digital resources, student-teacher interactions and a 24/7 helpline. The LMS, a brainchild of BAC Learn, offers students an immersive educational journey, giving them access to thousands of resources and materials at the touch of their fingertips.  
- State-of-the-art Hybrid Campus 
With the advent of our Hybrid Campus, students can seamlessly switch from face-to-face classes on campus to online classes from the safety and comforts of their homes. Even now, at the endemic stage, students can opt for this hybrid method of learning, switching easily between physical and online classes. This is also to ensure that students get to curate their own student journey! When I was studying for the Certificate in Legal Practice, it was up to me to chart my pathway. It was absolutely liberating, having unfettered autonomy over my education.

- Coursera For Campus 
It is no longer sufficient to solely focus on your degree and graduate with a First Class Honours. How do you stand out from the crowd? What gives you a competitive advantage?  

To ensure our graduates are one step ahead, we have partnered with Coursera for Campus, enabling students to earn microcredentials from the world’s best universities, such as Yale University, Duke University, John Hopkins University and many more.

The BAC Education Group is the first in the region to partner with Coursera to offer full-scale blended learning. 
Amidst completing their Degree or Master’s programmes, they can now add to their bank of knowledge and earn additional credentials to furnish their CVs. 
- Global Tech Giants 
We have also partnered with global tech giants such as Amazon, LinkedIn Learning and Microsoft. Upon completing a course, students can obtain certifications from these major companies. To top it off, they will learn from the world’s foremost experts and thought leaders, such as Professor Anil Gupta and Guy Kawasaki.  

Raja Singham, Chairman of BAC Education, constantly emphasises the need to diversify our skills and prove to prospective employers that we can contribute in more ways than one. And to follow through on his advice, Raja has ensured that these additional micro-credentials are accessible to all students, at no extra cost. 

- Hybrid Student Life 
Throughout the years, there have never been dull moments on campus. There’s always something to do! Our vibrant student life, filled with fun events and activities, is at the core of the BAC Education experience. Students not only prepare for a bright future, they also make memories that will last a lifetime.

When the pandemic first hit, our students were at risk of missing out on these priceless experiences.  Which is why, from March 2020 onwards, we swiftly began organising online events and engagement activities. From specialised  webinars  and talks to online tournaments and concerts, we utilised our digital resources and platforms, such as the Hybrid Campus and LMS, to facilitate this shift to a hybrid student life. 

Imagine being able to attend activities, events and even utilise our gymnasium from anywhere around the world... Student life at BAC Education has never been more exciting! 

- Job Portals and Apprenticeship Opportunities 
“Where do I even start with job applications?” “How can I build my CV while still pursuing my degree?” “How do I increase my chances of employment?” I’m pretty sure most undergraduates, fresh grads and those in between jobs would have similar questions running through their minds. But the world of employment need not be so worrying... 

Over the years, BAC Education has developed a range of FREE job portals to help students, fresh grads and the unemployed secure jobs that are best suited for them. The following portals help connect prospective employers with a pool of job seekers who fit their requirements:,,  
SpecialJobs (for special needs individuals),, and  

During the pandemic, Raja Singham foresaw the problems fresh graduates might face when seeking employment. To remedy this, he developed Project Apprentice. This initiative is a  six-month  programme  providing every apprentice practical career skills in areas such as Personal Branding, Project Management, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing, Human Resources and Software Design. Training is coupled with hands-on exposure to special real-world projects in a work environment. 

In the past two cohorts, the apprentices were largely involved in the Group’s CSR initiatives, with a large number of them working with our social outreach platforms, UPLIFT and MIRM. 

- Impact 
We go through our whole lives, achieving individual goals and working to better improve our livelihoods. But without a sense of community and the practice of giving back, will our lives ever feel complete?  

Over the past decade, we have created and established Give Back, our umbrella CSR platform. Students are encouraged to organise, and participate in, social good initiatives. Through these efforts, we have impacted the lives of more than 500,000 people (B40 communities, UNHCR refugees, migrant workers, persons with disabilities, Orang Asli Settlements, to islanders in Sabah and in households headed by women).  

Here a few of our impact initiatives and platforms from the past couple of years: - Created in response to the pandemic, is a curated fundraising platform that is purpose-driven, convenient and transparent. 

FreeMakan - Launched in June 2021 to alleviate hunger amongst B40 and B20 families during the pandemic when many had lost their livelihoods. - In response to the critical need for life-saving medical equipment and essential medical supplies, was launched on 1st August 2021.  

Uplift - An inclusive, collaborative NGO created to raise awareness, to foster and to advocate action-oriented programmes. - Launched in October 2021, is a nationwide campaign by Uplift to bridge the digital divide in education by equipping every marginalised school-going child with a digital device. - This initiative was created with the aim of supporting and empowering women and girls to transcend the limits of society and build a better future for themselves. - In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ReachOut was initiated to provide aid and support for those going through mental health issues, depression, anxiety, and stress.  

PawsRescue - Created to ensure animal welfare and protection throughout the country by cultivating awareness on pet adoptions and raising funds for shelters.   

Our students are at the centre of these initiatives and as a result, many of them have gone on to work in NGOs, CSOs and social welfare bodies. Regardless of their career paths, our students come out into society as individuals who will always put our communities first.  

As seen from the initiatives above, the BAC Story is one of transformation and impact.  

Although it is still being written, winning awards, such as the MTEA, allows us to pause, reflect and express our gratitude towards each and every individual who has played a part in this revolutionary tale. We could not have done this without YOU!  

The best is still yet to come... 

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