BAC Education’s CTO Discusses Work & Trade in The New Normal 

Emerging technologies, the dawn of the digital era, the fourth industrial revolution and the next normal of work... BAC Education has worked to constantly stay one step ahead of this ever-evolving digital economy.  

And our very own Chief Technology Officer, Thillai Raj Ramanathan, has played a fundamental role in these efforts.  

Recently, Thillai Raj was part of a panel, the Future of Trade & Work – Now What, featuring Ruben Gnanalingam, CEO of Westports, Megat Nizan Nicholas Denney, Chairman of the Malaysia-Thailand Business Council and Rina Neoh, Director of Corporate Strategy at Eclimo. The session was moderated by Selangor ADUN for Kampung Tunku, YB Lim Yi Wei.
Various topics surrounding work and trade post-pandemic were discussed, such as the gig economy and informal labour, project-based economies, work-from-home arrangements and the role of governments in helping businesses adapt to this new normal.  

Thillai Raj shared his perspectives on how companies and business must evolve to ensure they can keep up with these rapid changes post-pandemic.  

The CTO emphasised the importance of planning, altering internal definitions of work, evaluating processes, building a talent bench and developing critical thinking within the workforce. 

“The more you think of work as project-based rather than role-based, the more agile your team and organisation will become.” 
Thillai Raj Ramanathan, CTO of BAC Education

When asked about how BAC Education was preparing their students for the future of work, Thillai Raj highlighted the Group’s next gen, holistic education experience, Learn Different.  

He explained how the four pillars – Learn, Play, Work & Impact – have been specifically curated to ensure students do not just obtain a tertiary qualification, they also build a variety of skills, networks and experiences.  

"In this digital age, students graduate into highly competitive job markets. With Learn Different, our graduates immediately stand out as they possess a wide range of skills and knowledge in several areas."

Thillai Raj and his team are constantly looking for new ways to revolutionise this holistic education experience in order to cultivate the nation’s digital workforce. 

The session was incredibly engaging, with each panelist providing their expert takes on how work and trade have significantly changed since the pandemic and how companies, businesses and the workforce can adapt to this new normal.  

We look forward to similar sessions featuring our CTO, Thillai Raj, and his revolutionary ideas!