BAC Law Society Visits Shook Lin & Bok

What are two tools that are certain to be used by a student entering the working world? Professional connections and information about their career of choice, of course! Having such knowledge can go a long way in boosting your chances of securing a pupilage and employment in the long term. That's why BAC's Law Society organised a field trip to Shook Lin & Bok, a prestigious law firm right in the heart of KL.

As the oldest, and most established law firm of local origin, Shook Lin & Bok has 105-years of history to its name. Founded by Yong Shook Lin and Tan Teow Bok in 1918, the firm has since grown into one of the largest in Malaysia. They cover numerous practice areas such as Banking & Finance, Construction Law, Dispute Resolution, Corporate Law, IP Law, and Technology, Multimedia & Telecommunications (TMT) Law.

23 members of the Law Society gathered to visit the firm on 9th March 2023. Exhibiting the important lawyerly trait of punctuality, they arrived with time to spare, and were greeted by Ms Victoria Loi, a partner of the firm. Ms Loi introduced the students to Shook Lin & Bok, delving into its rich history, taking the students on a tour through a century's worth of practice and expansion. The students were then introduced to other partners of the firm, namely Mr Jalalullail Othman, Ms Hoh Kiat Ching, and Ms Wendy Lee.

Each partner shared some insights on their respective practice areas, and what constituted a typical day's work for them. The students were particularly interested in Ms Wendy's sharing on intellectual property and her experiences in the area. Imparting some sage advice to the students, the partners also highlighted the interconnectedness of each practice area. Cases can't be handled by focusing on a single area of practice, it takes knowledge from multiple other areas to truly, and successfully understand your case.

After giving the students an overview of their experiences and responsibilities in practice, the partners took the students on a short tour of Shook Lin & Bok. The group wove through the many facilities located at the frim: starting at the labyrinthine library, filled to the brim with research papers, various statutes and legal publications, before heading to the conference rooms.

There were multiple rooms ranging in size, from cozy three-people rooms, to vast thirty-people halls. The tour ended at the reception area, where the students took their chance to snap a group photo, before heading back down to the conference room, where they first gathered.

To conclude their visit, the students got to participate in a networking session! The members of the Law Society got the opportunity to speak with lawyers of all levels of seniority: from partners, to associates, pupils, and interns. Everyone graciously took the time to speak to students, patiently answering their questions, and giving them in-depth explanations about their experiences as practicing lawyers. The hospitable staff of Shook Lin & Bok also treated the students with coffee and croffles!

The Law Society is extremely grateful for the hospitality of Shook Lin & Bok, and the educational experience. Students got to expand their knowledge on the working world of law, and establsihed connections with exceptional and distinguished lawyers.

Interested to join more visits like these? Find out more about the Law Society on their Instagram!

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