BAC Law Society's EGM

As with most other clubs, BAC Law Society has also just begun its new tenure. With this new tenure, the club aims to improve operations from the previous tenure and work better than before, especially in terms of transparency with their operations among students and the committee.

The first item on their agenda was a thorough review of the constitution to get rid of any loopholes they could find. This ensures check and balance between the executive committee and their board of directors as well as between the entire committee and their members.

Once the amendments to the constitution had been written up, the BAC Law Society held an Extraordinary General Meeting to propose these amendments to their committee and the students.

Some of the proposed amendments were:

1. One must serve as a member of the Board of Directors for one term before being able to serve in the Executive Committee.

2. Each office and department will have written guidelines by their director or the presidential office, which the members of that department have to follow.

3. The Board of Directors are now allowed to vote on amendments to the constitution, where only members of the Executive Committee were allowed to in the past.

4. An addendum allowing the Board of Directors and Executive Committee to initiate the removal of the presidential office with just cause.

At the EGM, President William Tong and Vice President Stefanie Chai presented these amendments. After a brief voting session from the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, the amendments were ratified and added to the constitution.

The next part of the EGM involved welcoming the new committee into their roles by presenting them with custom-made Law Society nametags. These nametags are meant for the committee to wear to special events and external visits.

This event was a successful one, with several important matters being settled, and allowing for transparency and some check and balance within the leadership of the club to ensure they do their job well. They also welcomed the new tenure into their new roles, ready to to their jobs well.

If you are interested in joining the Law Society, you can visit their Instagram or register via!