BAC Leo Club Partners with Tender Hearts

BAC Leo Club is no stranger to charitable works. They have done numerous activities to give back to the community, like donating sanitary pads to the Women's Aid Organisation, feeding the homeless in Kuala Lumpur, and volunteering at the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

It was no surprise when the Leo Club spent the months of July and August volunteering with Tender Hearts!

Under the MIRM initiative, Tender Hearts trains special needs adults in the F&B business, equipping them in areas such as cooking, baking and serving customers.

In July, Leo Club organised a Tender Hearts Buddy Program, where several members of the Leo Club volunteered in the café located at BAC's own Student Hub. Over the course of two weeks, several volunteers assisted the special needs adults in their duties, such as cooking, plating the food, washing and wiping dishes as well as serving customers.

The experience stirred the heart of volunteer Sonia Ruth, who strives to do good for others. As someone who has always had a heart for helping others, Sonia was happy to volunteer, and she found that it was a fun yet rewarding experience, getting to know the special needs adults.

Moving on to the month of August, Leo Club then held several volunteer initiatives to assist Tender Hearts. The first was on 6th August 2022, where several volunteers and past members of the Leo Club visited Tender Hearts to assist them in packing a large catering order of nasi lemak. It was a successful endeavour which allowed both the volunteers and special needs adults to further bond and get to know each other.

The next volunteer initiative was held on 27th August 2022, for the USJ 12 Merdeka Garage Sale, where Tender Hearts set up a booth. Volunteers had fun packing food and assisting the special needs adults in selling their food.

The last project with Tender Hearts was a Summer Booth on the ground floor at the BAC PJ Campus. The items sold at the booth included various cookies and cakes, nasi lemak and lemonade, all made by the special needs adults. The Leo Club volunteers guided the special needs adults on how to sell their products to new and current students. This enabled more students to know about Tender Hearts and try their delicious creations.

Throughout these two months, Leo members learned a lot, and it definitely drove their charitable spirit to the next level, in giving back to the community!

The BAC Leo Club will be hosting an event at the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) in the month of October, so stay tuned and register for the event if you would like to get involved!