BAC Leo Club Sends A Strong Message: Paper Straw Distribution at Bukit Bintang

An Unyielding Will

Leo Club took to the busy streets of Bukit Bintang with a singular mission in mind: to encourage as many beverage stores to make the necessary switch from plastic straws to environmental friendly paper straws.

It is a reflection of their commitment to their mission, while also proactively encouraging the community to take a more eco-conscious stance.

It was an arduous task that came with its own challenges. Although some stores were hesitant about switching to paper straws; Leo members persevered and kept going on.

Encouraging Change

The Leo Club's efforts were expansive. Not singling out just beverage stores, they actively took on the wider public to encourage the use of paper straws instead of plastic ones. Armed with knowledge and insights about the environmental benefits of using paper straws, the Leos were on a mission to raise awareness and inspire a drive to make more eco-conscious decisions.

Persistently, through scepticism and rejection, the Leos managed to distribute all four of the big cartons of paper straws that they had brought with them. Approximately 12,000 paper straws were distributed that day.

Although just a simple act, their advocacy for the use of paper straws has not gone in vain, and they have undoubtedly taken a step towards fostering more sustainable habits among Malaysians.

Sustainable Choices, Simple Decisions

The act of distribution was more than just a simple action towards their goal; it served as a catalyst for a greater change in the collective mindset of Malaysians.

By choosing paper straws, we are making a collective effort to create a greener and more sustainable future.

Leo Club's continuous efforts to do acts of service for the greater community are not only a testament to the characters of Leos but also to the structure of what Leo Club is. In the face of challenges, there is an unwavering spirit within all Leos to keep pushing forward until there is a positive impact, and this is something that everyone in the Leo Club and BAC can be proud of.

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