BAC Mooting Society's Moot Simulation

Last week, BAC's Mooting Society conducted their annual novice tournament, Novitius Adsertor Legis, also known in short as NOVAL. As NOVAL consists purely of first-time mooters, the BAC Mooting Society generally plans a few preparatory events for the participants and anyone else who wants to learn more about mooting.

One such event that they did was a Moot Simulation. The society recruited some of their more experienced mooters, such as Amirthaa A/P Suntharalingam, Kelly Ngai Jia Nie, Divyabharthi Baradhan and Jerrad Chai Jia Yang to argue a moot problem presented to them in front of an audience of potential mooters. The guest judges for this moot simulation were Mr. Nathan and Mr. Julius, two well versed lecturers in the art of litigation.

The moot problem presented to the mooters was taken from 2023's Internal Mooting Competition, and touched on the area of criminal law. Kelly and Amirthaa presented as the appellants, while Divya and Jerrad presented as the respondents.

Once the round was complete, feedback was given, and the mooters answered questions from the audience. Some of the audience asked about the specifics of mooting and about clarifications on the written submission and oral submission.

The mooters also shared their own advice and tips based on their experience in their mooting journey. They spoke on court etiquette and specifics in addressing the court, as well as what can and cannot be included in your oral submission based on what is already in your written submission.

This simulation was a very illuminating experience for the audience, especially those who were set to participate in NOVAL 2023. With a better understanding of the art of mooting, the participants of NOVAL came prepared for the competition. It was a useful experience for them in their mooting journey.

If you are interested to know more about mooting or to represent BAC in external mooting competitions, you can visit BAC Mooting Society's Instagram or register for the club via!