BAC Partners with Universal Peak to Meet Blood Shortage Demand

Blood donation drives are no stranger to BAC Education. In fact, BAC Education usually holds two blood drives a year. On 27th July 2022, in partnership with Universal Peak, BAC Education organised its second blood donation drive of the year!

With many students returning to physical classes, and normalcy returning for many, it was as good a time as ever to hold such an event. Many were see making their way to BACPAC, ready and willing to donate blood. Students and staff of BAC, and those from neighbouring offices decided to drop by to donate blood, or simply support friends who were doing so.

Over the years, the National Blood Bank has been calling out for blood donors, especially when blood supply reaches a critically low level.

It is said that one bag of blood can save up to three lives, so however small you think your contribution is, it is actually much bigger.

At this article was being written, the National Blood Bank has declared that each blood type is at a safe level.

Aptly put by Ms. Deborah Adison, a staff of BAC Learn, and frequent donator,
"There are so many people just like your brother, sister, father or mother, who could be in dire need of blood at this very moment, and there is usually insufficient blood source in our blood donation bank."

If you would like to hear from our other donors, watch the video below!

If you missed this round of blood donation, don't fret!

BAC will be back with another one in future. Or, you can head on over to blood donation centres located around the Klang Valley. Find out more here.

Let us all come together, so we can save lives together.