BAC Performing Arts Club Dance Workshops

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.
Martha Graham

BAC Performing Arts Club, commonly known as BACPAC, broadened their scope over the past two months with several dance workshops. While they previously only engaged in singing and music, they have now started diversifying.

These dance workshops aim to inspire the student body of BAC Education to be active and enjoy themselves through dance, and push their boundaries, even if they might be beginners.

The first workshop conducted by BACPAC was on K-Pop dance. BACPAC invited a special guest, Claudia Yap, a student from UOL Year 2, to choreograph and teach the participants a dance, set to a song by K-Pop group Twice. Students had fun learning different techniques in dance and the different moves for the dance choreographed by Claudia.

The next workshop was one on Urban Dance. The special guest brought in by BACPAC this time was Joe Chen, a student from UKT Year 3. Joe taught the students the basics of popping and locking. He also choreographed a dance for the students to be able to get out of their comfort zones and move smoothly.

These dance workshops gave students an insight into the basics of dance, and equipped them with the tools needed to learn different types of dance forms on their own and upskill themselves.

Are you interested in dance, or other areas of performing? You can join BACPAC by visiting their Instagram or registering via

See you at their next dance workshop!