BAC Performing Arts Club
forms their Band
and Dance Crew!

Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.
Martha Graham, American Dancer

The BAC Performing Arts Club has set out to share their skills and passion with the world! Over the past month, they held a recruitment drive, calling for students to showcase their skills and register to join the band. After giving applicants time to register, auditions were finally held on 12th and 13th March 2024.

On 12th March 2024, the committee of the BAC Performing Arts Club met the applicants for the band audition. There was a variation of singers, guitarists, keyboardists and drummers. Each one gave it their best, showcasing their talent with a prepared song, as well as an impromptu song suggested by the judges. They were tested on their skills, ability to adapt, performing skills and their commitment to the team.

The next day, the committee members met with applicants for the dance crew! Just as with the band auditions, the dance crew applicants showcased their prepared dance for the judges. After that, elected coach Claudia Yap taught the applicants a dance for them to learn on the spot. They were tested on their ability to learn the steps, their rhythm and how long it took them to learn the steps.

After some deliberation, the teams were finally chosen! Give your full support to the new members of the BAC Performing Arts band, BeYOND, and the BAC Performing Arts dance crew, BeWILD! We can't wait to see them showcase their passion and share it with the world! Catch them at their first performances at a collaboration event between BAC Law Society and BAC Performing Arts Club, Vintage Velvet: Schoolhouse Glamour.


BeWILD Dance Crew

Liew Yi Ning (Vocalist)

Yap Qian, Claudia

Nurnisa Ellya Binti Erman (Vocalist)

Coey Chee Kai Yi

Chan Yanxi (Keyboardist)

Chan Zi Hui

Eugene Hoo Wei Kang (Drummer)

Saw Jit Keat

If you're interested in joining the band or the dance crew, stay tuned via BAC Performing Arts Club's Instagram to see when they next open recruitments! Or if you're passionate in performing in general, you can join the club by clicking below!