A Win for the MonsterFit Muay Thai Club

Wan Rahmatullah!

The tension in the air was palpable as the two fighters stared at each other. As soon as the referee gave the signal to begin, both fighters wasted no time, diving straight into the fight.

On 28th May 2022, our very own BAC student, Wan Rahmatullah represented MonsterFit gym in his very first Muay Thai stage fight! This fight, held at Tropicana Gardens mall, was part of Think Thailand 2022, Malaysia's Largest Thai Festival.

Wan, a Year 3 UOL (University of London) student of Brickfields Asia College, one of the 5 colleges under BAC Education, had just completed his final exam four days before the fight. In the midst of his training and preparation, he still dedicated time and energy to his studies, proving him to be extremely well-rounded.

Wan has been learning the art of Muay Thai since 2015. He has gained much experience an confidence since he started, and even earned a certification to teach Muay Thai.

Wan is President of the BAC Muay Thai Club, and is also one of the Muay Thai coaches at MonsterFit gym.

Before the fight began at 5:30pm, Wan and his opponent participated in the "Wai Khru Ram Muay." This ritual is done to seek protection during the fight and pay respects to their coaches.

With that, the fight then began. Every round, lasting 3 minutes each, is judged by a scoring system.

The fight was intense, with Wan giving his all. Though the fight was meant to last three rounds, Wan truly showed his strength by winning the first two rounds, winning the overall match.

It was with exhilaration and honour that Wan accepted his medal and certificate. Displaying humility and true spirit of sportsmanship, Wan hugged his opponent after the award ceremony. Their friendship remains intact outside the ring.

"I hope I did a good job at the fight. I'm truly honoured to have brought success to BAC! I will definitely work harder to bring more success in the future," said Wan.

We the BAC family, are extremely proud of Wan, and we wish him the very best in his journey.