BAC Students & Staff Do Their Part to Save Lives

BAC Education has been dutifully doing their part to contribute to the supply of blood in Malaysia's National Blood Bank over the years. They have never failed to answer the call to donate blood. Their latest blood donation drive was held on 15th November in partnership with the National Blood Bank.

At the time of writing, the National Blood Bank has stated that they were low on A-type and B-type platelets. These platelets could potentially be used to help and save those who are suffering from dengue fever or even going through chemotherapy. What is even more concerning is that processed platelets only last for 5 days, so your contribution is very much needed and definitely counts for something huge.

From 10am onwards, students and staff alike gathered at the BAC Performing Arts Centre (BACPAC), ready to do their part.

Deborah Addison from BAC Learn said during the previous blood drive, "There are so many people who could be in the position where they are in desperate need of blood, but the supply is severely limited, so that is a pushing factor to start donating blood."

Watch the video below to see what others had to say during at our Blood Donation Drive back in July!

At the end of the day, it was a success! More than 50 people were able to donate blood, which meant, potentially saving 150 lives.

If you missed donating blood this time round, don't worry! Besides pop-up donation drives being held around the Klang Valley, the National Blood Bank also has three permanent donation centres which you can find here.

Together, let's do our part to ensure no one is left behind without this life-saving need.