BAC Students Visit Parliament

The BAC Education Group strives to provide quality education for its students. This includes experiences outside of lecture halls and libraries...

On the 27th of April 2022, 40 Year 1 students from the UK Transfer Programme were given a chance to visit the Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur. This invitation was extended by YB Wong Chen, MP of Subang. The purpose of this visit was to give the students a taste of what they have learnt in their Malaysian Legal System class.

Upon arrival, the students and chaperons were greeted by YB Wong Chen himself. He proceeded to deliver a policy lecture on key institutional reforms in the country and the establishment of Select Committees acting as an effective check and balance on the executive. He also explained the legislative process in Parliament, with regards to how bills were passed to become laws.

After that, the students were brought on a tour of the Dewan Rakyat and the Dewan Negara. They had a chance to view the different chambers in Parliament and see firsthand where the debates on national policy took place. They experienced the feeling of being in Parliament, taking in the place they learn about in their studies.

The students thought it was a very fruitful experience, and they got to know each other better after only meeting online since the start of their semester. They also learned a lot from this experience. 

"I was always able to learn better with practical experiences and I think, because of that, I was able to understand the workings of Parliament even better after going on this trip.

"The conversation with YB Wong Chen was really interesting. We got to address current affairs in Malaysia and discuss them freely, without worrying about offending anyone. I would say that this trip honestly made me more interested in getting to know my country," said Aarthie, a participant of this trip."

BAC Education hopes to ensure a well-rounded education for each of its students by providing firsthand experiences such as this visit to Parliament.