BAC UK Education Fair 2023

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A Familiar Day for a New Generation

The most anticipated UK Education Fair by BAC, aimed at educating and bringing a taste of the UK educational experience to a new generation of scholars, is one where both students and parents look forward to.

Held on 25th November, this fair was open to all, welcoming students contemplating their future, and inquisitive parents looking for quality education for their children.

Catering to the needs of the multitude of BAC's Law and Business programmes, the event had tailored talks for each discipline and their own dedicated halls so that every attendee can focus on their preferred area of study.

Meeting Your Future

With over 16 of our UK university partners participating in this year's fair, both students and parents had the opportunity to interact and connect directly with representatives from these universities.

Engaging in one-on-one conversations with experienced counsellors from the UK, students got the opportunity to get personalised advice and valuable information that suited their vision for the future of their education, helping them get a better idea of what path and UK university to choose.

Going beyond just brief interactions at the respective booths of the UK universities, our partners also shared their knowledge, experiences, and valuable insights, providing a glimpse into the academic and professional landscape students can expect in the UK.

Students came in droves and seized every opportunity to connect, learn, and sketch out their futures in business or law.

And at BAC, is where their journey begins...

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