BAC Visits Aston Martin

Many would say they aspire to own a luxury car. Perhaps a Ferarri, a Buggati, a Porsche or maybe an Aston Martin. In the hopes of 'fueling' those aspirations, BAC Education partnered with Aston Martin KL to organise a tour of the showroom!

On 10th January 2023, 12 members of BAC Education, comprising of students and staff gathered on campus, ready to go. Upon reaching the showroom in the heart of KL, the car enthusiasts were greeted by Mr. Adam and Mr. Andrew, marketing and sales specialists at this branch.

The first car they introduced to the students and staff was the Aston Martin Vantage. Coming in a bold red, this car looks the part of a sports car with its predator-like build. Participants were able to explore every part of the car save from actually sitting inside. Mr. Andrew even turned on the engine to demonstrate the different driving modes and how it differs in the engine.

The next car that participants were shown was the Aston Martin DBX. This car is an SUV more suitable for families. While the specs still matched that of a sports car, it was spacious and functional for everyday use as well. Mr. Andrew also shared a fun fact about the one in the showroom–it was one of a kind! The colour used on the body of the car is no longer in production.

Finally, the participants were shown the Aston Martin DBX707, which is one of the newest models from Aston Martin, and one of the strongest SUVs on the market. It is the sister car to the Aston Martin DBX.

After that, the participants were brought to a meeting room, in which they met Mr. Sooriar, the managing director of Aston Martin KL. As an ex BAC student, Mr. Sooriar held his alma mater close to his heart, and was happy to give a brief presentation on the history of Aston Martin.

He explained Aston Martin's origins, and how the creators of the car never stopped dreaming big. He also highlighted the high standards of the brand by placing emphasis that each engine is handmade and uses patented NASA technology for the safety of those in the car.

Once that was done, students got the chance to ask their burning questions about the cars and the brand. After a group photo with the DBX707, the group departed, fuelled with bigger dreams to own an Aston Martin.

BAC hopes to continue this partnership and expose more students to the world of luxury cars so they can widen their scope of experience.

Stay tuned for more visits such as these! Keep updated via BAC Engage!