BAC Women's Legal Rights Club Pays a Visit to Rumah Charis

Despite the progress made over the past couple of decades, many girls still suffer from discrimination and gender-related issues, due to lack of knowledge and not knowing their rights. In the spirit of empowering young girls and women, BAC's Women's Legal Rights Club (WLRC) has been stepping out into the world to bring knowledge to girls about their rights as a woman.

Their most recent endeavour took place on 24th February 2023, when they visited Rumah Charis, a children's home in Taman Yarl. Rumah Charis is home to various girls with a wide age range. Founded in 1988 by Reverend Teo How Ken, Rumah Charis was set up as a retirement home.

Upon arrival at Rumah Charis, WLRC members were greeted by Mr. Andrew Lim, the coordinator of the home. After a quick briefing, members were introduced to the children.

The session started with a quick round of introduction; girls and volunteers introduced themselves , along with something she liked and disliked. Once that was done, the volunteers initiated a quick game of Pictionary to break the ice with the girls.

The game of Pictionary bridged the gap between the volunteers and girls, which made it easier to move on to the next part of the session, where they dove into the serious stuff. The volunteers taught the girls what is rape, and what they should do in the event they are sexually assaulted.

They also explained the concept of domestic violence to the kids, even showing them the Women's Aid Organisation hotline so that they know what to do if they are in a bad situation. The girls had a myriad of questions ranging from a clearer explanation as to what is domestic abuse, and what they should do if they encounter difficult situations such as these. The WLRC volunteers took the time to answer each and every question, having a meaningful heart-to-heart with the girls.

As we approach International Women's Day, empowering women to know their rights and to act in these situations is increasingly relevant. WLRC is doing a good job in making this knowledge known not just to their fellow BAC students, but to those who are deprived from acquiring that knowledge otherwise.

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